Ecologic : works with Bio Ethanol :

What is Bio Ethanol ?

Bio Ethanol is an alcohol taken from biological agriculture, and is obtained by fermenting plants like beetroot, sugar cane, corn or wheat. It belongs to the renewable energy family.

An ecological fuel

Bio Ethanol is environmentally friendly because CO2 produced at its combustion is offset by that absorbed during the life of the plant it comes from. Result : Burning Bio Ethanol does not increase the greenhouse effect.

Where to find it ?

Bio-feux® ensures the delivery of Bio Ethanol by carrier to your home in 2 liter bottles. In our stores and resellers, you can also get 10 liter jerrycans.

Where to store it ?

For security reasons, Bio Ethanol should not be stored within the reach of children or near a heat source. Cellars or garages, are perfectly suited.

Without exaust conduct, no loss of heat:

A Bio-feux® chimney requires no exhaust conduct, as the burning of Bio Ethanol does not produce any smoke, or odour.

A traditional fireplace evacuates by it conduct 2/3 of the energy produced. This is not the case with a Bio-feux® chimney, which keeps the whole heat of combustion in the room.

Without smoke, odours, or ashes:

Bio Ethanol is an alcohol distilled specifically for heating, residues have been removed, result : its combustion does not smoke or smell and generates no ashes.

Low emission of CO2:

By burning, Bio Ethanol releases CO2 and water vapour. The amount of CO2 released is equivalent to approximatively 2 burning candles.

Economic heaters:

Bio-feux® chimneys consume about 0.5 liter per hour of Bio Ethanol. The hourly cost is approximately chf 2.50 per hour.

With its power of about 3.6 KW/hour, a Bio-feux® chimney can increase the temperature of a room of 40 m2 from 6 to 8 degrees celcius in an hour (depending on the insulation)

Long burning autonomy:

A 2,5 liter burner allows a range of 5-6 hours depending on the opening of the hatch. A 5 liter will therefore approximately double, ie. 10-12 hours.

Easy to move :

Having no exhaust conduct, a Bio-feux® chimney is easily removable. If you move, it moves with you.

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