The buyer agrees to have read the conditions and the safety regulations and accepts therefore full responsability for handling and operating the Bio-feux® chimneys and the Bio Ethanol.

Bio-feux® chimneys operate exclusively with Bio Ethanol. Its uses require a number of precautions to be observed. In the case of full compliance of these instructions, you can use your Bio-feux® chimney safely.


• The non-adherence to the rules that follow can cause serious burns and fire risk.

Be sure to follow the instructions of your Bio-feux®, and place it on a horizontal and stable surface.

• Use only Bio Ethanol for « heating », this has gone through specific distillation, and does not smell. Do not use petroleum products made for other uses like : gasoline, diesel, white-spirit, spirits, etc…

• When you light the chimney, keep children and animals away.

• The ignition, explained in the manual, should be done with a long lighter or a long match.

• No product should be added in the foyer if partially ignited or while running.

• Wait until complete cooling of the foyer before adding more Bio Ethanol or relighting it (at least 10 minutes).

• After combustion, if there is Bio Ethanol left in the tank, be sure to wait at least 10 minutes by opening the hatch (for airation) before relighting this because of the remaining vapors around the foyer.

• Do not handle the burner when lit, except to manipulate the hatch. Do not blow the flame inorder to turn it off.

• Provide extinguishing devices near the fireplace (extinguisher).

• In case of burns, call the nearest hospital. Do not apply any fatty cream on the burn. If it is superficial and not extensif, proceed by cooling the burn using fresh water for several minutes. Consult a doctor if you have any doubt about the seriousness of the burn.

• Do not evacuate the fuel in the water conduits or in the nature. Please respect the environment !

• Do not use in a room under 10 m2 without opening or without external ventilation. Use your chimney only in aerated rooms. People with respiratory problems should consult a doctor before any use.

Do not use the Bio-feux® and its burner to cook food, heat water, grill meat, etc…

Do not use the Bio-feux® and its burner near flammables : curtains, fabrics, furnitures, etc…

Do not use the Bio-feux® and its burner if it is set in a room with inflammable gases.

Do not store the Bio Ethanol near the burning fireplace. Use only the types of accessories sold with or for the Bio-feux® fireplaces, like pebbles, sand, ceramic wooden logs, but don’t put them directely into the flame.

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